A message from our Workforce Holdings CEO

Dear colleagues,

Soon we will start the 21-day national lockdown announced recently by our President. This is an unsettling, yet essential step that is necessary in order to reduce the rate of infections, ease the burden on our health services and to save lives.

In quick response to the lockdown, we have mobilized as a group of companies to the best of our ability to ensure that we will be operating effectively in these upcoming 21 days.

I feel assured in the knowledge that we have been neither arrogant nor complacent in our response to the challenge presented by Covid-19.  We have taken decisive action and constructive measures to ensure the safety of our people and the continued stability of our group of companies. Through our culture of resilience and agility we will confidently, graciously and humbly overcome this challenge and emerge stronger and more successful.

I am in awe and extremely grateful for the effort of so many during this time. Words cannot express my admiration and pride for all of you who have contributed selflessly at this time. A special thank you goes to those behind the scenes who have ensured that the group will continue to operate remotely, wherever necessary. This includes those who have assisted with the formulation of policies, operational readiness, technology, procurement and communications and many others, all ensuring that we are fully prepared for the lockdown and for the period following the lockdown when we return to normality.

I urge everyone in our group of companies to respect the government’s policies and laws. What is being asked of us is ultimately for the benefit of ourselves, our loved ones and for the greater South Africa. The lockdown is essential and will save lives and for this reason we all need to adhere to the strict measures in place to ensure its effectiveness.

What remains now is for you all to take care of yourselves, your families and those who are unable to take care of themselves.

May all of us remain safe and healthy. I look forward to us emerging stronger and more determined once we’ve overcome these challenging times facing us all.


Ronny Katz
Workforce Holdings

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