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16th April 2024
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By Musa Dlamini, Regional Director at Workforce Staffing The South African citrus industry grapples with numerous challenges, including logistical issues around the timing of harvests and moving the products timeously through the value chain, international regulations, and changing weather. Adding to these is the introduction of a new national minimum wage, which significantly impacts agricultural

4th April 2024
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By Pierre Bekker, MD at Quyn Recruitment & Staffing Solutions The South African mining sector is experiencing an increasing trend of outsourcing non-core operations to contractors, particularly construction work. This shift is propelled by two key factors: a scarcity of skilled labour and a strategic focus on core competencies by major mining corporations. However, this

3rd April 2024
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Highlighting the indispensable role of Temporary Employment Services (TES) in today’s ever-changing work environment. Sliep emphasized the economic impracticality of maintaining a permanent workforce, especially when faced with fluctuating demand. In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies, especially those operating in sectors like e-commerce, grapple with the challenge of rapidly scaling their workforce to meet fluctuating