8th May 2024
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By Jacques Farmer, Managing Director of Prisma Training Solutions As the 2024 national election draws near, South Africa stands at a crossroad. The air is filled with a sense of expectation, where hope for a better future mingles with anxieties about the challenges ahead. Citizens are hungry for leaders who will confront the man on

18th March 2024
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Prisma’s shining reputation in the East African gem Prisma Training Solutions is finding incredible success with Barrick Gold in Tanzania, providing expert training solutions to not one, but two of their gold mining sites! The Prisma team originally started work at the Barrick mine in Bulyanhulu (Tanzania) and found such great success that their contract

25th January 2024
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By Jacques Farmer, Managing Director at PRISMA Training In the African mining sector, the quest for local partnerships is driven by a combination of regulatory requirements and the desire to empower indigenous communities. However, the challenge lies in bridging the skills and expertise gap that often exists within these local partnerships. As African countries seek