In the current tough economic climate, organisations of all sizes are looking for ways to maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, streamline their manpower management processes, and improve their operational efficiencies. Organized labour opposes the existence of businesses that facilitate temporary and contract employment because ‘they act as go-betweens in the employment relationship, taking a fee from the party who should be the employer, for doing nothing, helping the real employer dodge employment responsibilities and the law…leaving the worker more exploited than ever’.

Workforce Holdings respectfully disagrees. “The Workforce approach provides staffing and employment solutions that are sustainable for both the employer and the contractor,” says Ronny Katz, interim CEO of Workforce Holdings. “We believe that our role goes far beyond simply connecting worker and employer – we are here to positively disrupt the way that temporary and contract employment opportunities have always worked, to the advantage and benefit of workers and employers.”

Working with a registered and legally compliant Temporary Employment Service (TES) that has the knowledge, expertise and systems to help businesses navigate their way through the complex labour market has proved a smart choice for the more than 3 600 private and public sector clients that have chosen Workforce subsidiaries as their preferred human resources partner.

The group includes businesses that focus on staffing and recruitment, training and consulting, employee health management, financial and lifestyle benefits, and process outsourcing.

“At Workforce, we offer our assignees a full suite of employee benefits that are traditionally only associated with permanent employment contracts,” says Sean Momberg, Managing Director of Workforce Staffing. “These include employee wellness and assistance programmes, primary healthcare, life-skills training, essential employee benefits, employee lifestyle products, recognition rewards, a worker’s benefit fund, a staff savings plan, and bursaries. This is all in addition to the statutory benefits prescribed by law.”

When sourcing candidates for its clients, Workforce recruits from communities around client projects wherever possible, meaning that workers don’t have to travel far to get to work, while improving local economies.

Firmly committed to skills development, Workforce Holdings offers a range of upliftment and skills development opportunities to its workforce, and has facilitated more than 1 200 learnerships in 2015 alone.

“Investing in our workforce means that we can connect employers with workers who are motivated, qualified and experienced, allowing them to achieve maximum productivity when businesses are under pressure,” Katz points out.

Workforce Holdings’ more than 25 companies provide staffing solutions across all sectors, including technology, mining, construction, hospitality, healthcare and manufacturing, and the company’s portfolio of technology solutions empowers employers to be in the driving seat of their temporary workforce. Employers have access to view, track and approve employee records, timesheets and scheduling, as well as track productivity and wage information too.

Workforce also offers consulting services to its clients, partnering with legal experts in related fields to equip its teams with all the knowledge they need to navigate the evolving legislative framework. For example, it has partnered with experts in the new Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment codes, and can advise clients on how best they should adapt their businesses to respond positively to these.

“Workforce Holdings has been helping South African and African businesses find the right people since 1972, delivering the best possible service 24/7/365,” says Katz.

“Our ever-growing database of qualified staff, our strict verification processes and reference checks and thorough evaluations mean that employers can be confident that they have got the right person for the job. Similarly, workers are able to enjoy the dignity and reward that comes from working in a job for which they are qualified – while confident in the knowledge that they can develop their skills and move along their chosen career path.”

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