COVID-19: An Employer’s Survival Guide to UIF(TERS) and Leave

Listen to Joanette Nagel, our affiliate expert on current legislation, talking about navigating the legislative landscape and the amended UIF and Leave processes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Hi. I’m out of Job since 14 of December 2019. My workforce office in Benoni told me I will be called when there is a job.
    So now which side should I apply, UIF grant from Sassa or UIF from Labour department?
    My clock number is BM6079.

  • When will my uif money be payout asking for so long and no reply gaylin williams every one has gotten 4500,350,1600 but me only get a 1600 and nothing more I REALLY need my money

  • I was asking you to send me my u19 form, because i want to apply at department of labour, identity no 8309255548080

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