Our CSI Investments

It’s not enough that we work hard to uplift people directly involved in our companies. We’re committed to ensuring that our profit with a purpose extends to assisting communities and families outside our business scope, securing communities, and helping foster a better country for us all.

“By partnering with Kids Kicking Cancer, we are showing the 1000s of colleagues within our team that while there are problems out there, they can and have the potential to be part of the solution. Our financial donation is the start, but it paves the way for us as a group and individuals to help in other equally important ways too.” 

– Workforce CEO, Mr Katz

Kids Kicking Cancer is one of our proud CSI initiatives

Helping little heroes on big journeys

In many South African public hospitals, there are small children undergoing cancer therapy in a very isolating and scary way. Often their parents and family are unable to accompany them to hospital for their treatments due to long distances or work commitments. Undergoing painful and uncomfortable chemotherapy sessions when you’re a small child, all by yourself, can be truly terrifying.

Kids Kicking Cancer is a charity with a mission to ease the pain of these very sick children while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Workforce Holdings and our group of companies has pledged to donate R100 000 a month for 2023 to Kids Kicking Cancer. 

Through an evidence-based innovative programme that merges modern integrative medicine with traditional martial arts, the Kids Kicking Cancer Heroes Circle programme helps children to:

  • Regain a sense of control over the chaos of their lives
  • Become empowered partners in their own healing
  • Push away the message of pain
  • Provide inspiration and light to others facing life-challenges
  • See themselves as victors, not victims

Our journey with Kids Kicking Cancer has just begun. Throughout the year we’ll keep you updated on how we’re helping, what more can be done, and what an amazing difference we’re all making to the lives of these small heroes.