Essential-service work under Covid-19 beat expectations, reports Workforce

Workforce Holdings is still providing employment services to a number of essential industries


Labour services group Workforce Holdings said on Thursday that while activity had dropped off significantly under Covid-19, its level of business had exceeded its initial expectations.

The group’s staffing, outsourcing and recruitment business continues to provide essential services to critical industries such as e-commerce, retail supply chains, power and water utilities and call centres.

“While there has been a marked drop in activity, the levels of business have exceeded our initial expectations during this crisis,” the group said.

“Workforce remains vigilant in scanning and clearing workers for work opportunities in critical industries and sectors that are open in accordance with the prevailing regulations relating to the national lockdown,” the statement read.

In afternoon trade on Thursday, Workforce’s share price was unchanged at 99c, having fallen about a third so far in 2020.

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