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Recruiting from the retired pool – a viable option to addressing SA’s acute skills shortage

By Wayne Alcock, MD at Quyn International Outsourcing The South African labour market is plagued by an alarmingly high unemployment rate and an overwhelming skills shortage. The youth labour force is becoming increasingly vulnerable with an  unemployment rate of just over 66%, and South Africa’s newest job market hopefuls are hardest hit by dwindling work […]

Communication in the post-covid era – relearning interpersonal human interaction

By Jerome Zoutman, Operations Manager at DYNA Training The Covid-19 lockdown forced people into new ways of working which pushed a lot of our communication and training into the digital space. While social distancing and remote working was effective in terms of halting the spread of the virus, it has taken its toll on how […]

The benefits of temporary employment services for project-based and short-term workloads

By Tania Govender, Sales Director at Worldwide Staffing While a permanent workforce remains the mainstay for businesses despite the challenges of the last few years, there are many instances where workloads are project based. When it comes to seasonal work, peak periods, strikes or industrial action, and even planned shutdowns, organisations need to be able […]

Turnkey temporary employment service solutions can help IPPs get off the ground fast

By Viren Sookhun, Managing Director at Oxyon Resolving South Africa’s current energy crisis is paramount, and the President’s new action plan is aimed at adding Independent Power Producers (IPPs) into the mix as soon as possible. However, removing the red tape around the administrative processes is only one part of the picture when it comes […]

How to make South Africa a great place to work and beat the talent migration bug

By Dalya Ketz, MD at Gcubed Boutique Recruitment The global phenomenon dubbed the “Great Resignation” has South Africa firmly in its grasp, but the profile of workers resigning from jobs differs from the rest of the world. Where other countries experienced a mass resignation of low wage workers, in South Africa, highly skilled, qualified workers […]

Outsourcing skills to international destinations – could this be a solution to unprecedented unemployment rates?

By Tania Govender, Sales Director at Worldwide Staffing South Africa’s official unemployment rate reached an all-time high of 35,3% in the final quarter of 2021, and although it tapered off slightly to 34,5% in the first quarter of 2022, job seekers are still massively disheartened. Companies are understandably reluctant to employ new staff on a […]

Mind the hunger gap – communities starving for skills development as food prices continue to soar

By Roland Innes, Group CEO at Dyna Training The war in Ukraine and continued lockdowns in Asia continue to send significant ripples throughout the global supply chain network. With predicted shortages in basic commodities such as cooking oil, flour, and fuel still to come, South Africans are already feeling the impact through rising prices. Fuel […]

Safety Performance Coaches (SPCs) can offer onsite gap training and provide insights into areas of health and safety that need to be addressed

By Sian Thurtell, Chief Operating Officer at KBC Health & Safety Despite having trained personnel and a plethora of health and safety statistics on hand, many businesses find that they lack a deeper understanding and insight into what is happening on the ground. Statistics can tell you that you’ve trained so many people, that every […]