Specialist TES providers optimising healthcare operations – a prescription for patient care success

By Sandra Sampson, Director at Allmed

The healthcare sector in South Africa is beset with numerous challenges, ranging from high turnover rates to skilled staffing shortages and complex regulations in addition to stressful working environments, and communication barriers. Despite these formidable obstacles, patients have the right to expect top-tier care from their medical facilities. Here, specialised Temporary Employment Services (TES) providers can become indispensable partners, adeptly assisting medical facilities to navigate these challenges in their quest to ensure a seamless continuum of care.

Streamlining healthcare staffing to counter shortages

Specialist TES providers offer a multifaceted remedy to the relentless staffing challenges in healthcare. Capable of promptly supplying temporary staff to bridge immediate gaps, TES providers ensure that all resources have already been rigorously screened, recruiting qualified professionals to function as a buffer against high turnover and staffing scarcities. Through tailored training, specialist providers ensure that their temporary staff placements align seamlessly with organisational expectations to consistently uphold care standards. Furthermore, specialist TES providers alleviate the burden of complex healthcare regulations on management and staff by taking on the responsibility of handling the entire employment relationship, from end to end, including managing human resources and labour relations components, as well as payroll. This provides significant relief for healthcare facilities giving them the staffing resources that they need, without the additional administrative complexities involved with recruiting, on-boarding and managing such resources.

Addressing skills gaps to raise the bar on healthcare resources

Maintaining consistent levels of patient care without compromising quality is challenging in the face of staffing shortages and high turnover rates. With so many specialised healthcare staff, including ICU personnel, leaving for better opportunities abroad due to financial considerations, such an exodus necessitates urgent strategies to retain and fill gaps within healthcare facilities. Specialist TES providers are already playing a critical role in addressing these concerns by focusing on nurse competencies and facilitating targeted courses to upskill their resources. These courses address critical gaps in patient safety and empower nurses to provide better care. Through the development of these essential courses, such as ECG interpretation and cannulation, TES providers are taking significant steps to ensure nurses possess the necessary skills and knowledge. This proactive approach not only enhances patient care at a facility level, but also contributes to nurse competence and job satisfaction, ultimately benefiting the healthcare ecosystem.

The strategic advantages of enhancing workforce dynamics

In addition to operational bolstering and sector-specific upskilling, specialist healthcare TES providers present strategic benefits for healthcare facilities. Access to a diverse, extensive talent pool makes it simpler for medical organisations to find the ideal fit for each role, effectively mitigating the risk of hiring mismatches usually associated with permanent placements. Medical facilities also benefit from the cost-effectiveness of the TES operating model, which aligns with the dynamic nature of healthcare to optimise resource allocation. This is particularly important in hospitals where patient occupancy levels fluctuate daily. Many healthcare organisations now operate with a 50/50 ratio of permanent placements and temporary resources, which gives them the flexibility to accommodate the ever-shifting demands of patient care staffing, while safeguarding the delivery of quality care. By efficiently managing both permanent and agency staff, TES providers optimise recruitment efforts and ensure that the right candidates are placed in suitable roles, benefiting the healthcare organisation’s operations and patient care. TES providers uphold patient confidentiality and provide comprehensive training, ensuring staff are cognisant of privacy protocols and handle sensitive information appropriately.

Boosting patient care excellence: the vital role of specialist TES providers

In an era where healthcare value is intricately tied to workforce excellence, TES providers play a pivotal role in elevating the sector by helping medical facilities conquer their industry-specific challenges, enabling the fundamental mission of enhancing patient well-being. Ultimately, Specialist TES providers represent a crucial element in the healthcare sector’s quest for excellence, as their strategic approach to staffing not only addresses immediate needs but also upholds patient care standards, while easing administrative burdens, and enhancing workforce competencies. As such, collaboration with specialist TES providers is a progressive strategy that medical organisations should prioritise to effectively navigate the intricate challenges of the healthcare landscape today while significantly enhancing patient care outcomes.

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