Temporary employment services support the growth of ecommerce

By Lucinda Alfonica, Commercial Manager at Workforce Staffing

Ecommerce has seen tremendous growth in South Africa in recent years, spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic that forced traditional retailers to develop an online presence. There is also a proliferation of small businesses offering goods and services online, allowing them to access wider markets. However, at this time of year, with peak season upon us, the ability to meet customer demand is put to the test. Often, extra hands are needed to fulfil orders during times like Black Friday and holiday season, that are not necessarily required all year. A Temporary Employment Services (TES) partner is well positioned to assist with scaling up staff on demand to help ecommerce businesses grow.

A booming industry

The ecommerce sector in South Africa has an estimated value of between R6 and 7 billion and is growing at a rate of between 25 and 35% year-on-year, making up around 1% of South Africa’s retail sector. It is a fast-growing sector that is attracting increased international investment, and it has the potential for small companies to grow into large entities offering a broad range of products and services.

However, trying to grow in this space can prove difficult when demand fluctuates throughout the year. For a small ecommerce retailer, the ideal option would be to use a flexible workforce that responds to the changing requirements of your business. During peak times or in times when output is low, the requirement for staff will differ, and employing a large, full-time workforce just to cater for peak demand is not a cost-effective or agile solution.

A trusted TES partner

A TES provider supplies flexible labour, which can help ecommerce and any retail business to handle the peaks and troughs that increase and decrease demand throughout the year. When demand increases, a TES provider can supply qualified and suitable skilled staff, and once there is a decline, the staff complement can easily be scaled back without the need to go through expensive and time-consuming retrenchment processes. A TES partner can provide scalable, on demand staffing to help businesses become more flexible according to requirements.

Focus on the core

The ecommerce landscape is constantly changing and shifting, and there are new competitors and new legislation to contend with at frequent intervals. Having the right partner to assist with staffing can help you focus on growth without having to worry about your workforce.

A TES partner is more than just a provider of labour, they will also help with HR, payroll and other administrative tasks associated with staffing, from sourcing and vetting candidates to handling any required absenteeism or disciplinary processes.

A TES partner will provide skilled, qualified, and compliant staff and handle the daily management of the labour component of your business. With the right partner, ecommerce organisations can focus on their core business while the TES partner handles the labour component flexibly to meet your needs.

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