Vision & Values


To be a global provider of innovative, integrated and diversified people solutions.


To make a meaningful and sustainable difference in people’s lives. To uplift them, find employment for people, and empower them with the appropriate training, healthcare, financial services and lifestyle benefits.


To be a progressive investment holding company managing investments in businesses that provide innovative, integrated and diversified human capital solutions globally.


  • Integrity

    We work and lead with integrity, honesty and forthrightness to ensure that all our stakeholders trust us implicitly.

  • Accountability
    We put our hands up. We make mistakes, we acknowledge and learn. We take responsibility for our actions.

  • Collaboration
    We work and build together. We support each other. We realise there is strength in unity.

  • Gratitude
    We say thank you. Appreciation matters. That’s why we cultivate gratitude as a core part of our values. It’s the little things that are significant and the foundation for big things!

  • Diligence and a strong work ethic
    There are no shortcuts. A strong work ethic pays off. It is both rewarding and fun. We value employees who go beyond and strive for excellence and professionalism. Always.

  • Determination
    We are determined and face challenges head on. Once we set a goal, we are committed to delivering on time, every time.

  • ‘Can-do’ attitude
    We aspire to always commit to excellence through a can-do attitude that extends to every employee and to every project. We are passionate and proud.


We believe a job is not just a job; it is a life-changing opportunity for an individual.

A job is a path to a quality life for the individual and a valuable investment for the stakeholder.

Our business has always been about people and how to change people’s lives for the better. We’ve spent years learning about our industry and the people we work with; client, candidate and stakeholder. We’ve always been on a quest to uplift people, not just giving them an opportunity to work, but also ensuring that they have the tools to be productive through training, healthcare, employee benefits and lifestyle products. We’ve forged ahead in this quest and today not only do we give people an opportunity to work so that they can build a life for them and their loved ones, but we also uplift them through training and skills development and ensure that they are healthy and happy individuals.

But this is a never-ending quest because there are always more lives to be changed, more value to gain from investing in people.

We are here to stay, because while we strive to make an impact we want that impact to be sustainable. At our heart, we are many, all working towards a common goal, working together and supporting each other in every endeavour.

And we are here to uplift people and grow our business in the process.

Uplifting people. Growing business

We want Workforce to stand for ‘upliftment and growth’ –  let it build over time.
That is what the name Workforce Holdings becomes synonymous with.

The Workforce Holdings circle of infinity is an essential element in what it means to be a part of our group of companies. Wherever Workforce Holdings is present, our circle is sure to be seen. Full of energy and forever moving forward, our circle represents our people, our companies, and our focus as a group, to uplift people and grow business. Each thread of our circle embodies perpetual motion, continuous development and progress, just like our team at Workforce Holdings