Following on from Meyertel, Workforce Holdings Ltd and Uber’s very successful worker

Jobseekers Empowerment Day, Training Force, a division of Workforce Holdings Ltd, conducted construction training for the jobseekers, enabling them to find meaningful employment opportunities.

The Jobseekers Empowerment Day took place on 4 November and was initiated my Myertal Tactical Security. Registered training provider, Training Force immediately got involved with the initiative because it resounded with their goal of providing skills development and training to the youth and the unemployed of South Africa. Training Force’s primary focus is education because, by providing the necessary education to secure employment, an individual is able to lift themselves out of poverty to live a purposeful and meaningful life.

For the empowerment day, Uber transported the 50 jobseekers from their usual meeting
place to Discovery Soccer Park and also offered to sign up any jobseekers who have drivers licenses to be Uber drivers, while Schwarma Co. sponsored a wholesome lunch for the jobseekers. J & N Embroidery provided T-shirts, DMF Clothing provided each jobseeker with a pair of trousers, while Hack Media captured every moment of this meaningful event on film.

Training Force offered a free two-day skills development course to each of the jobseekers at no cost to them. This education boost is intended to give the jobseekers the tools they need to find stable employment. However, Training Force did not stop there. They also offered to add all jobseekers who complete the course to the Workforce Holdings recruitment database for future contract work.

Fulfilling their promise, Training Force conducted training for the jobseekers on 7 and 8 December at the AITF training centre, the use of which was sponsored by ATIF. ATIF also sponsored a nutritious lunch for the jobseekers. Uber transported the jobseekers from a designated meeting point to the AITF training centre and back on both days.

All-in-all 14 jobseekers completed the two-day training programme where they learnt builder2how to use construction hand tools as well as how to do basic bricklaying. All jobseekers who completed the full training programme received a certificate of attendance, which will serve as proof that they completed the training. In addition, all jobseekers will have their CV’s added to the Workforce Holdings database for future job placements. The jobseekers were very grateful for the training as they acknowledged that it would allow them to secure more stable employment.

One jobseekers said, “Our facilitator was very good! I liked learning about brickwork and learnt a lot.” While another said, “I liked the training and this training will get me a nice job so that I can help my son and the rest of my family.” Steven Herscovitz, MD of Training Force said, “At Training Force we are passionate about training and skills development and believe that education is the key to addressing unemployment in South Africa. By offering these jobseekers a construction and bricklaying course, we have enabled them to find stable employment and by adding their CVs to our database these jobseekers will now be given the opportunity to be hired for future construction job placements.”


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