The Life Healthcare group of hospitals has recently appointed Allmed Healthcare Professionals (“Allmed”), a Workforce Holdings Limited company (JSE: WKF), to source permanent medical staff for its 64 hospitals across South Africa.

Allmed will place nurses, pharmacists, surgical technicians, medical practitioners, hospital managers, rehabilitation therapists, clinical engineers, case managers, administrative staff, procurement staff, as well as bookkeepers and accountants.

“Life Healthcare is one of South Africa’s largest private healthcare providers, and we are looking forward to meeting the group’s needs by recruiting permanent healthcare professionals,” says Donald Houston-McMillan, Managing Director of Allmed.

“There are challenging skills shortages in many healthcare disciplines, with numerous South African healthcare professionals immigrating to other countries where their skills are in high demand,” says McMillan. “Allmed continuously strives to provide its clients with the best possible healthcare professionals, and we’re confident that we are the right partner to provide the finest medical and allied medical professionals to Life Healthcare.”

Allmed was established in 1999 and has built its reputation as a trusted partner in providing a complete range of temporary specialist medical staffing solutions to meet the private, state and charitable medical facilities across South Africa. The company fulfilled on its diversification strategy by opening a permanent placement service in October 2014.

The company has a dedicated human resources team that interviews and evaluates all candidates for temporary and permanent placements, and screens them to ensure they are able to meet Life Healthcare’s needs.

healthcare_3Allmed ensures that all candidates comply with the legislative frameworks governing healthcare in South Africa, including the National Health Act, the Nursing Act, The South African Nursing Council, the Health Professions Act, the Pharmacy Act, the Associated Health Service Professions Act and the Traditional Healers Act.

“The Workforce Holdings group offers a range of solutions for the supply, management and administration of human resources requirements across all industry sectors,” says Lawrence Diamond, Chief Executive Officer of Workforce Holdings. “Our team has worked hard to meet Life Healthcare’s requirements, and we are looking forward to a long and successful relationship.”

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  • Isabel Benninghoff

    Good day
    I was informed by the matron of Unitas that you are looking for n national manager in nursing. I am currentlt working as such and wants to move

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