Workforce Holdings Limited (JSE: WKF) is delivering on its stated growth and diversification strategy with the expansion of its African business, Workforce Africa. This business focuses on providing staffing, recruitment, training, healthcare and project capability solutions for employers needing turnkey people solutions in any location on the African continent, from artisans to knowledge workers.

“At Workforce we are consistently committed to fostering job creation and skills stafpic_2development, and we work closely with stakeholders in the countries and communities where skilled workers are sought, to find local talent,” says Lawrence Diamond, Chief Executive Officer of Workforce Holdings. “By doing this, we encourage skills upliftment and stimulate employment opportunities, thereby helping improve local communities’ access to financial resources” adds Diamond.

“Workforce offers a turnkey training, staffing and healthcare solution throughout Africa”, says Darren Hollander, Managing Director of Workforce Africa. “We have local offices on the ground and are therefore able to offer a full mobilization and demobilization solution for companies where specialized skills need to be secured from outside the country where a project is located. This includes assessing the employer’s needs, sourcing the workers, organizing any visas and vaccinations that are required, and making travel and housing arrangements for them.”

With much of the contract work on the continent being in remote locations, employers working with Workforce benefit from the group’s strong technology systems, built by its own developers, to answer the needs of the fixed contract environment.

“There are so many opportunities in a variety of environments on our continent, particularly in the mining, offshore oil and gas, petrochemicals and renewable energy sectors, not to mention in infrastructure development,” says Hollander. “We look forward to working with local and international companies to meet their training, staffing and healthcare needs, as they grow their businesses in Africa.”

“We are excited about the success of our geographic expansion into Africa,” states Diamond. “We are currently facilitating employment for almost 34,000 contractors for a wide range of companies in Southern Africa, and we’re looking forward to connecting more workers with employers further afield on the continent.”

Workforce Holdings is currently reviewing a number of acquisition opportunities across the group’s portfolio of businesses, with a view to extending its share of the market and increasing its profitability.

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